There are many options available today for the control of overhead Cranes and Hoists. Most Norelco Cranes are supplied with a standard two-speed independent festoon-type pendant control.

Norelco Cranes’ optional radio remote control system, supplied factory programmed with its own unique transmitting frequency, allows the safe operation of the Crane in all working areas. These Radio control Systems can also be programmed to operate secondary Hoists or Dual operation for tandem crane requirements. Norelco Cranes are supplied with the superior R&M Racon (Ikusi) System or the equally Drivecon PWR (Ikusi) System, With our vast catalogue of products, Norelco has access to accommodate any control need.

For all control aftermarket requirements installation contact NCS

Wire Rope Guides

Stay on track! If you’re using a hoist, you can prevent wire ropes from getting jammed, especially when spooling in multiple layers on a drum. To do this, we offer rope guides with spooling technology for all Electric Wire Rope Hoist Makes & Models.

Our Solutions:

  • Wire rope diameters range from 6.5mm to 20mm.
  • Also available: Wire Rope Sheaves, Drum Couplings and Geared Couplings

Contact NCS for a complete Price List and availability of Top Quality Wire Rope Hoist. Dealer inquiries welcome.

*Excellent Prices Guaranteed*

Underhook Devices

Norelco has access to a wide range of Underhook Lifting devices to accommodate all lifting and rigging needs. Whether it’s a Spreader Bar/Lifting Beam or Rotating Hook or clamp, Norelco will be able to supply an engineered and certified Lifting device.

Electrification Systems

With power supply requirements for the Cranes and Hoists, Norelco can design a package that can suite any need and environment. With all Major brand options such as R&M, Duct-O-Wire and Igus, Norelco can supply a Rigid Conductor, Festoon or Power Chain system as required

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