How to Order

If you have a project that needs a lift, here’s how to order the best crane solution from Norelco.

1. Tell us about your project

We can work with you to determine your project needs in 3 different ways: by email, over the phone or site visit.

  • Send us an email with your project requirements. Your requirements might include details like:
    • Your industry
    • Use case
    • Approximate load weight
    • Project dates
    • Project budget
  • Call 1-800-561-9242 and speak with one of our experts about your needs.
  • Or, for a hands on look at what you’re doing, our team can come out to your site to get an idea of your project first-hand. Just call or email us an invitation to your site and we’ll be there!


2. Review our recommendations

After reviewing your needs, our design experts will recommend the best crane solution for your project. We will provide a proposal via email and set up a call or meeting to discuss the options. A full-sized general arrangement is provided with each proposal to enable you to see how the crane will look when it’s installed in your facility. From here we can make adjustments to the design, provide further consulting, or simply get started!


3. Sign off and start building!

How do you like to work? We are here to serve you!

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